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The WVS supports a variety of applications areas and clients. The simple HTTP GET interface allows for encoding views on complex 3D worlds by URL, transferring them easily, e.g., by email, and embedding them, e.g., into web pages. Due to the image-based interface, a WVS can be consumed even by thin clients that have only image display capabilities, e.g., mobile phones. Based on the WVS capabilities, even complex, rich feature 3D clients, supporting, e.g., continuous real-time navigation and interaction in the 3D world, can be built. Based on parallel projections, tile-based clients could be implemented, which provide, e.g., continues panning navigation. Facilitating depth layers, the WVS can support the composition of 3D geodata from various WVS servers on the visualization level. Various image layers allow for client-side image processing. A WVS could further serve 3D views as a basis for sophisticated 3D spatial analysis, e.g., visual contact analysis or minimum distance analysis.

Web View Service potentials.

Example: JavaScript based WVS Client

<iframe src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" width="462" height="378" frameborder="0"> <p></p> </iframe>

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