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 \\ [[http://​​doellner/​publications/​year/​2010/​1122/​HHD10.html|Link to publication server]] \\ [[http://​​doellner/​publications/​year/​2010/​1122/​HHD10.html|Link to publication server]]
-Jan Klimke, Benjamin Hagedorn, Jürgen Döllner (2010): A Concept for 3D Camera Services for 3D Geovirtual Environments ​on Mobile Devices. In: Proc. of the 7th Int. Symp. on LBS TeleCartography +Dieter Hildebrandt, ​Jan Klimke, Benjamin Hagedorn, Jürgen Döllner (2011): Service-Oriented Interactive ​3D Visualization of Massive ​3D City Models ​on Thin Clients. In: Proc. of the 2nd International Conference ​on Computing for Geospatial Research ​Applications 
-\\ [[http://​​doellner/​publications/​year/​2010/1097/KHD2010.html|Link to publication server]] +\\ [[http://​​doellner/​publications/​year/​2011/1436/HKHD11.html|Link to publication server]]
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